For the first time ever on cassette, uSUPER! present the mysterious POLYBIUS in this special edition including new unreleased music!

Part 3 of our series of 5 collectable tapes in a bespoke retail hanging package (classic Kenner toy style!) plastic front with removable card back panel.

1981, Portland Oregon: A small town arcade takes delivery of a new game, Polybius. Released onto an un-suspecting youth, the game delivers both excitement and intrigue with multiple levels of mind bending puzzles. Popularity reaches fever pitch, with queues of people fighting over who plays next.

Stories begin to emerge of players experiencing psychoactive side effects ranging from seizures to insomnia, night terrors to hallucinations. Late night visits from alleged government officials are reported throughout the town, and local gossip and tension begins to spread. One month after its release, Polybius disappears without trace. The company named in many accounts of the game, is Sinnesloschen Inc.

  • Translucent Red Cassette Tape
  • Produced by Deadly Avenger
  • Mastered by Burning Tapes

01. Vector Labs_Os> 02:38
02. Altered State 01:29
03. Photec 02:22
04. Bit_3 01:00
05. Run Program 02:21
06. Polybius 02:55
07. Bit_1 01:17
08. I/O 01:07
09. Vlsii 02:16
10. Bit_2 01:14
11. Runner 03:16
12. Codek 02:26
13. Rom Dump 00:56
14. Protocol 77 02:21
15. Render Sense Delete 01:38
16. Bit_4 01:09
17. The Compound 02:18
18. Sleep Pattern 02:40
19. Vortex 00:47

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