Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager 3) return with their 3rd studio album, War Mask. Expanding on the sonic pallet the band created with their debut, Doom Fortress, and follow up 2xLP, Are You Synthetic?, Voyag3r deliver a diverse, dark and dynamic collection of songs, including a cover of the King Crimson classic, Red. Heavier tracks, such as Ancient Enemies, bring the rock element to the forefront, while more open tracks like Sequenza Di Mezzanotte, showcase a 70s vibed, organic sound.

War Mask was self-produced and recorded at the Tempermill studios in Ferndale, MI, using their Harrison 3232 custom console and MCI 2” 24-track tape machine. As with the previous V3 albums, the artwork was done by Slasher Dave.

Cassette includes an additional mix of the title track by band synthesist Steve Greene. The cassette is limited to 100 copies worldwide. 50 red shell cassette and 50 black shell cassette with clear Norelco case.

  • Red Shell Cassette

01. The Terror Is Gaining On You 04:58
02. The Donning 01:36
03. War Mask 05:27
04. Ancient Enemies 06:33
05. Second Face 03:09
06. Red 06:23
07. Sequenza Di Mezzanotte 05:11
08. Hell Village 05:29
09. Ambush! 07:30
10. War Mask (Steve Greene mix) 04:52

Voyag3r is:
Steve Greene - synthesizers, piano, saxophone
Greg Mastin - drums and percussion
Aaron Greene - guitars

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