Drapizdat is the umbrella banner for Russian producer Vladislav Godzevich’s rogue gallery of musical identities. Its name derives from a fusion of samizdat (illegally reproduced publications of censored materials within repressive regimes) and drap (slang for marijuana; an early beat music alias was Papa Drap), which aptly evokes his ethos of covert altered state transmissions. МИФ presents a constellation of tracks spanning five projects, four years, and 73-minutes; taken together it fully delivers on the hidden acronym of its title: M = music, И = elected, Ф = fragments [combined = ‘Myth’].

Each entity spelunks its own vibrant catacomb: Сам Себе Па (“tropical industrial 5th world dada”), Ито Кумаре (“metaphysical ambient music”), Jeans Escape (rhythmic liberations from reality), Reather Weport (“free form music of the spheres, vibrations beyond the universal caves”), Drapula (“black moon feasts on the blood of soul and funk”), Клаксон Гансон (“psychedelic ethno-mutant punk”).

Godzevich describes his process as a metamorphosis, created at night, “with minimal light.” Percolating loops of percussion, texture, and melody, summoned into warped trances of alien grace. Elements align and obscure like celestial phenomena half-glimpsed, half-dreamed: “I plunge deeper and deeper to gather golden sand from the bottom of time and show it to the world, building islands in this dilapidated world.”

01. Бо Не By Сам Себе Па
02. Сквозь Зазеркалье By Ито Кумаре
03. Которому Удалось Сбежать By Jeans Escape
04. Тер Ве By Сам Себе Па
05. Pattern #4 By Reather Weport
06. Который Является Освободившимся Дымом By Ито Кумаре
07. Pattern #2 By Reather Weport
08. Сна Ве By Сам Себе Па
09. Pattern #5 By Reather Weport
10. Внутри Тебя (feat. Drapula) By Jeans Escape
11. Phosphene 3 By Reather Weport
12. Кумары By Клаксон Гансон

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