Following his Moonkeeper and Moonkeeper Exodus albums on Spun Out Of Control, Monochrome Echo’s Simon Little completes his sci-fi electronica trilogy for the label with latest full-length release Moonkeeper Reckoning. 

With the mysterious Moonkeeper’s place among the stars disturbed by human explorers, the malevolent force follows the feeling earthlings back to their home planet – with explosive consequences. The calm before the storm, battle and aftermath sound-tracked by Little’s own army of synthesizers that reflect the shifting moods of menace, attack and resolution. 

Under-pinned by Little’s melodic pop sensibility, expect celestial Vangelis- inspired washes, Ryuichi Sakamoto flavoured chimes, skittish percussive effects and modular synth arpeggios combining to provide a richly atmospheric score that fleshes out their composer’s concept of other-worldly aggression. 

Choose from two limited-edition, hand-numbered cassette shell colours: ‘Alien Death Ray’ (Glitter) or Soyent Green (Translucent Green), with just 100 copies of each variant available worldwide.  Featuring exclusively commissioned cover and stunning inner panel artwork by Eric Adrian Lee, a download card is included with all retail purchases.

  • Limited Edition Cassette: Soyent Green translucent tape shell

01. Darkening Skies 03:44
02. Tokyo 2321 03:09
03. Fire From The Sky 04:42
04. A Call To Arms 04:13
05. Global Resistance 04:34
06. Hunted 03:13
07. Final Breath 01:35
08. Uprising 03:05
09. A Glimmer Of Hope 03:56
10. The Redeemer 03:17
11. Resolution 04:44
12. Aftermath 04:05
13. I Can See The Stars 05:35

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