Available on cassette for the first time since 2016!! The vinyl audio has been remastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall (former Foley mixer at the legendary Skywalker Sound).

2016's "Towers of the Teeth" by THANGORODRIM was one of the very first releases on Out of Season. This recording pre-dates the now legendary "Taur Nu Fuin" LP by a few months and is comprised of two long songs each clocking in at close to 14 minutes. An absolutely essential piece of modern dungeon synth that should be in the collection of any fan of the genre.

Pro-Tape with 4 panel j-card in clear case. Sealed. Standard edition limited to 200 copies on black shells with bandcamp DL card included.

01. Narchost 13:53
02. Carchost 13:23

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