Reissue. The sole album by cultish British prog-blues combo Affinity. Originally released in 1970 on influential label Vertigo, their self-titled album is still one of the most original efforts of the England jazz-rock scene. Fronted by Linda Hoyle, a powerful vocalist who sounds like a cross between Carol King and Julie Driscoll, the line-up was completed by Mo Foster (bass), Mike Jupp (electric and 12-string guitars), Lynton Naiff (keyboards), and Grant Serpell (drums and percussion). Their eclectic mixture was truly compelling moving over a certain psychedelic feel, thanks also to the ubiquitous Hammond organ. A singular effort that made definitely history. Fully licensed. Gatefold; edition of 500.

01. I Am And So Are You
02. Night Flight
03. I Wonder If I Care As Much
04. Mr. Joy
05. Three Sisters
06. Coconut Grove
07. All Along The Watchtower

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