Hailing from Richmond, VA, Heartracer makes anthemic synthpop, combining modern production techniques with classic pop songwriting. Inspired by ’80s icons such as Duran Duran, a-ha, Peter Gabriel, The Outfield, and Springsteen, Heartracer’s sound is a nostalgic mix of dreamy synths, melodic guitars, and swooning vocals. On their new album The Feel, the band channels all of that inspiration and filters it through a fresh lens; the result is a retro-inspired modern pop masterpiece. Midnight Mannequin Records is proud to present Heartracer’s The Feel on deluxe white vinyl, complete with OBI strip.

01. World On Fire
02. Through The Motions
03. We Should Never Leave This Room
05. Living Like A Ghost
06. Interlude
07. Edge Of My Heart
08. Until The Sun Comes Back
09. Date Night
10 The Feel
11 Let's Talk

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