High quality matte 3mm spine jacket with inside black flood and UV spot gloss finish for that extra pop. The vinyl audio has been remastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall (former Foley mixer at the legendary Skywalker Sound).

Finally making its debut on the vinyl format, 2016's "Akallabeth" by THANGORODRIM was previously released in a one time cassette edition of 100 on the cult Metalstrom Recordings. This EP was composed a few months after "Taur Nu Fuin" and is comprised of two long songs on side A, plus two additional bonus tracks on side B which were originally released as part of the digital only compilation "V/A Tolkien Inspired Music" by Olog Productions, also in early 2016 and which soon faded into obscurity.

  • Limited to 200 copies on 140g black vinyl

01. Númenor 12:40
02. The Felling of Nimloth 08:13
03. Isenmouthe (bonus track) 06:49
04. Ered Lithui (bonus track) 08:19

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