The first volume of a series of three volumes -- Wowsville!, Weirdsville! (MNSR 1003LP) and Wildsville! (MNSR 1001LP) -- originally released in the '90s by the same folk that did the Born Bad series so beloved by The Cramps fraternity... And these are just as good, in fact a natural progression if you like (although, unlike a certain UK company who put a Cramps reference on any old compilation, these never did). A fine mix of oddball '50s and '60s tunes to get any party swingin' -- '60s trash, '50s rockin and exotica from god only knows... Features Trig Williams with The Jokers, Paul Ott, Dave S. Trio, Johnny Donn with The Jazzrockers, The Spinners, Duke Mitchell, The Viscounts, Tommy Blake, The Visions, Jan Davis, Jeff Barry, The Zulus, Bobby Dean, The Shades, Bobby Warren & The Rebelettes, Bobby Bare.

A1. Trig Williams with The Jokers - Hollywood Cat
A2. Paul Ott - Kitty Kat
A3. Dave S. Trio - Devil's Daughter
A4. Johnny Donn with The Jazzrockers - Smog
A5. The Spinners - Boomerang
A6. Duke Mitchell - The Lion
A7. The Viscounts - Night Fight
A8. Tommy Blake - $F...olding Money$
B1. The Visions - Cigarette
B2. Jan Davis - Fugitive
B3. Jeff Barry - Hip Couple
B4. The Zulus - Topless
B5. Bobby Dean - It's A Fad, Ma!
B6. The Shades - Sun Glasses
B7. Bobby Warren & The Rebelettes - Motor Cycle Maniac
B8. Bobby Bare - Vampira

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