Blow My Mind! is the natural sequel to the recent, well-received collection Lost Innocence and is an essential purchase for the dedicated garage head. It collects together the best of the quirkier imprints from Hollywood's heyday in the mid-1960s (the record labels Doré, Era, and Mira) in a power-packed set comprising many outstanding garage and proto-psych 45s that today are sought-after collectors' items. Compiled by genre expert Alec Palao and originally released by Big Beat/ACE on CD, it is now available on vinyl for the first time. Three of the quirkier imprints from Hollywood's heyday in the mid-1960s were the record labels Doré, Era and Mira. Like most seasoned indie producers in that epoch, their owners Lew Bedell, Herb Newman, and Randy Wood struggled to get to grips with the onslaught of rock and roll activity that followed in the wake of the British Invasion. Blow My Mind! The Doré-Era-Mira Punk & Psych Legacy collects together the best of this venerated repertoire in a power-packed set that also constitutes the first official reissue for many oft-bootlegged titles. Cuts like "The Thief," "Slander" and "I'll Blow My Mind" would be expensive to acquire in their original, minutely-pressed incarnation. Here, with top-notch sound and extensive annotation, these totemic garage rock items shine brighter than ever. There is the expected quota of attitude-laden classics such as "My Baby's Barefoot," "Just Wanna Be Myself" and the incredibly snotty "So What!!," along with less heralded gems by bands such as South Hampton Story, the Puddin' Heads, Yesterday's Tomorrow, and the Search. An unexpected bonus is a superb unreleased cut by "Hey Joe" hitmakers the Leaves, along with off-beat garage-psych titles by Simon T Stokes, the Outlaw Blues and the Wrench. Also featuring The Syndicate, The No-Nâ-Mee's, The Motion, The Lyrics, The Regents, John Winfield Jr., Ty Wagner, Spencer's Van Dykes, The Decades, The Front Page & Her, The Bees, The Tormentors, Basil & The Baroques, and Unknown Ar.

A1. The Syndicate - My Babys Barefoot
A2. The Leaves - Do Me A Favor
A3. The No-Nâ-Mee's - Gotta Hold On
A4. The Motion - The Thief
A5. The Lyrics - So What!!
A6. South Hampton Story - Leave Me Behind
B1. Simon T Stokes - Big City Blues
B2. Yesterday's Tomorrow - The Other Half
B3. The Regents - Worryin' Kid
B4. John Winfield Jr. - She Touched My Soul
B5. Ty Wagner - Slander
B6. The Puddin' Heads - Now You Say We're Through
C1. The Lyrics - They Can't Hurt Me
C2. Spencer's Van Dykes - I'll Blow My Mind
C3. The Decades - I'm Gonna Dance
C4. The Wrench - The Day Is Hard
C5. The Search - Climate
C6. The No-Nâ-Mee's - Just Wanna Be Myself
D1. The Outlaw Blues - Non-Stop Blues
D2. The Front Page & Her - Shame
D3. The Bees - Forget Me Girl
D4. The Tormentors - She's Gone
D5. Basil & The Baroques - It's No Use
D6. Unknown Ar - To Make A Lie

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