The Garden Of Abandon:
I.The Summer Queen & II.The Winter King

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (who were later known as the Pre-Raphaelites) were initially a Seven member group of English artists that rejected the modern art doctrines of their time. Influenced by Romanticism and often choosing to focus on Medieval, Shakespearian, and Arthurian themes, they searched for a beauty they felt lost and sometimes laughed at by their contemporaries. They held a deep reverence for the natural world and a strong belief that freedom and responsibility were inseparable. It was a common practice amongst them to instill multiple layers of symbolism into their works such as the mythological and metaphorical interpretations of flowers and plants. This album is a dedication to them and an absolute rejection of the ugliness of our current times.

“I mean by a picture a beautiful romantic dream of something that never was, never will be—in a light, better than any light ever shone—in a land no one can define or remember, only desire—and the forms divinely beautiful.”
—Edward Burne-Jones

  • Two LPs of Part I: The Summer Queen and Part II: The Winter King on 180 gram black vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.
  • A full size 4 panel booklet with art and all poems written for each song.
  • A hand-numbered postcard with a handwritten excerpt from one of the poems in the album. Over the course of 200 postcards, every line in the album has been written chronologically. Postcard #1 has the opening lines of the album while #200 has the closing lines!
  • A randomly inserted green or red envelope with gold foil trim containing a download code and stamped with the NRR logo.

Hail The Summer Sun!

01. Part I: The Rose Of May Queen 06:49
02. Part I: A Violet Vigil 02:35
03. Part I: An Orchid Night 08:51
04. Part I: An Ivy Gateway 07:05
05. Part I: The Rowan Enchantment 03:56
06. Part I: A Rosemary Crown 09:48 
07. Part II: The Holly King 27:02
08. Part II: An Oak Threshold 09:54
09. Part II: A Blackthorn Witch 05:03

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