Milan Records is pleased to announce the release of TRAVESÍA, an album of music by prolific composer, producer, and artist RYUICHI SAKAMOTO curated by five-time Academy Award®-winning filmmaker ALEJANDRO GONZÁLEZ IÑÁRRITU. The compilation album features twenty tracks handpicked by Iñárritu, who famously collaborated with Sakamoto on his Best Picture-winning film, The Revenant. Taking its name from the Spanish term for “journey,” Travesía spans nearly four decades of Sakamoto’s solo work and scores, with Iñárritu taking listeners on a one-of-a-kind trip through the iconic musician’s career

Travesía is the result of six months’ work by Iñárritu, who listened to over a thousand pieces by Sakamoto in order to curate the album’s 20-song tracklist. Focusing primarily on the musician’s solo work, Iñárritu deliberately chose some of Sakamoto’s lesser-known tracks in an attempt to appeal to both frequent listeners as well as a new generation of fans. Also included on the album is a new, never-before-heard mix of “The Revenant Main Theme” by Sakamoto’s long-time collaborator Alva Noto, who worked alongside Iñárritu and Sakamoto on the 2015 blockbuster hit.

01. Thousand Knives
02. The Revenant Main Theme (Alva Noto Remodel)
03. Before Long
04. Nuages
06. Ma Mère L'Oye
07. Rose
08. Tokyo Story
09. Break With
10. Blu
11. Asadoya Yunta
12. Rio
13. Reversing
14. thatness and thereness
15. Ngo/bitmix
16. +Pantonal
17. Laménto
18. Diabaram
19. Same Dream, Same Destination
20. Composition 0919

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