Compiled by El Palmas Music and El Dragón Criollo. The album begins with the theme that every afternoon, starting at 6 o'clock, all the youth of Caracas waited anxiously: "Introduction Theme" by Los Supersónicos was the wake-up call to introduce the charge of surfing that that later it would explode in El Club Musical. And from the same group, another of their greatest hits is included, such as "Rosas Rojas para una Dama Triste". The Dangers were in charge of entertaining many youth parties in Venezuelan society. Their great success was "Congratulations", an obscure Ricky Nelson song, of which they made an excellent cover. And to demonstrate the great influence of the British group The Shadows -- present in all the youth bands of the time -- here they shine with their recreation of the song "González". The Blonders were by far the possessors of the purest and most crystalline sound among the surf groups in Venezuela. A bold and highly imaginative arrangement of the classic "Lamento Borincano" is enough to justify its inclusion in this compilation. And although The Impala came to have the most aggressive and rock-and-roll sound, here they show another facet of their music with the songs "Triste" and "Desafinado".

A1. Los Supersónicos - Introducción
A2. Los Dangers - Felicitaciones
A3. Los Blonders - Lamento Borincano
A4. Los Impala - Desafinado
A5. Los Blonders - En La Playa
B1. Los Dangers - Gonzalez
B2. Los Blonders - Solo Una Vez
B3. Los Supersonicos - Rosas Para Una Dama Triste
B4. Los Dangers - No Te Quiero Más
B5. Los Blonders - Sabes Porqué
B6. Los Impala - Triste

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