The Bridgewater Triangle is an actual 200 square mile forest and swamplands within Massachusetts, USA, an area known for paranormal activity, including UFOs, Bigfoot, Thunderbirds and ‘Pukwudgies’ – or spirits of the forest.

‘Beneath Bridgewater’ soundtracks the fictional experience of a rescue search team lost within the notorious Bridgewater Triangle.

It’s 1982 and a 19-year-old man has gone missing at Freetown Fall River State Park, located within the Triangle. A search team comprising family members and a dog has gathered to find him after the authorities have been unable to help. Unfortunately the searchers themselves go missing until, 40 years later, equipment belonging to the team, including long lost audio recordings, is discovered in the south region of the Hockomock Swamp.

Though heavily deteriorated, many segments of audio have been preserved and are featured amongst the compositions heard on this album. These unearthed recordings consist mostly of the thoughts of the missing man’s uncle as he struggled to find his nephew and escape. There are also segments of sound here that cannot be explained.

Please be warned: some of what you hear may disturb you.

Strictly limited edition cassette edition of the atmospheric 'Beneath Bridgewater' by Mombi Yuleman, with cover and inner 3-panel artwork by Eric Adrian Lee.

This is the 'Swamp Sunset' solid apricot color shell variant, matching the gorgeously evocative cover art.

01. The Bridgewater Triangle 07:00
02. The Hunt 03:48
03. Danger On Bird Hill 04:34
04. Will-O-Wisps In The Wood 05:58
05. Sighting Of The Nephew 04:38
06. Silhouette Of The Bigfoot 06:39
07. Evidence Of A Dark Ritual 05:29
08. We're Surrounded 02:12
09. Clues 04:24
10. Bodger 00:56
11. Mutilations 08:18
12. Flying Saucers 06:21
13. A Parade Of Pukwudgies 04:55
14. The Rescue 05:04
15. The Hockomock Swamp 06:01
16. Traversing The Superspectrum 06:41

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