First-ever cassette release! One-time printing of 200 units.

A1. Once Upon A Time In The Swamp
A2. The Search
A3. Arcane's Theme
A4. Father And Daughter
A5. Dirty Duo
A6. Diamond Cut / Wrong Answer
A7. Love In The Swamp
A8. Swampy Saves The Kids
A9. Rescue Abby
A10. Abby
A11. Down Memory Lane
B1. Arcane's Toccata
B2. It's Too Easy
B3. A Piece Of Thing
B4. Love Theme
B5. Boys Will Be Boys
B6. Out Of The Tub
B7. Take The Keys And Run
B8. The Scary Swamp
B9. That Hurts
B10. Knock, Knock
B11. The Machine
B12. Requiem
B13. To Sunrise
B14. End Titles

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