"Waxwork Records proudly presents the fully remastered release of Chuck Cirino's original score to the B-Movie horror classic, Chopping Mall, directed by Jim Wynorski and starring scream queens Barbara Crampton and Kelli Maroney. This release marks the first time vinyl release of Chopping Mall, featuring liner notes from composer Chuck Cirino and the film's writer, Steve Mitchell. Packaging details include 180 gram fluorescent pink vinyl housed in a heavyweight tip on jacket with film laminate gloss finish. Full package artwork including a 12" x 12" inserted art print has been created by Australian artist duo We Buy Your Kids."

01. Main Title
02. Come Out And Play
03. Do They Kill Cockroaches?
04. Shopping Death
05. Showdown
06. Burning Terror
07. Running Rampant
08. Fergie’s Dead
09. Zombiebot
10. The One In The Middle
11. Scary
12. Crawling Around
13. Love Theme
14. End Title
15. Have A Nice Day
16. Chopping Mall Suite

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