Vintage Pleasure Boutique unearths another gem from the Made Up Records catalog. This time it was the turn of the highly appreciated and sought-after “Watch Out” by Jackie Touché. This is one of Michiel Van Der Kuy’s most appreciated vocal space productions. The richness of the sounds of the classic Juno 106 synthesizer and uplifting progressions combined with Linn Drum is what fans of 80s dance electronic music love the most. The album includes 3 restored and remastered original versions and 4 new remixes by Prospero, Bellatrix, A.P. Mono and Chris Van Buuren. A real treat for fans of this genre.

01. Watch Out (AP Mono Disco Remix)
02. Watch Out (Dance Version)
03. Watch Out (Bellatrix Remix)
04. Watch Out (Radio Version)
05. Watch Out (Normal Version)
06. Watch Out (Prospero Remix)
07. Watch Out (Chris Van Buren Vocoder Remix)

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