Together with the reissue of Jackie Touche – “Watch Out”, Vintage Pleasure Boutique is raising the temperature and re-releasing the second famous and idolized Made Up Records classic: Claudia T – Dance With Me. In 1988, this tune created a sensation on the dance floors of Europe and Japan. Fans of Michiel Van Der Kuy’s talent cried heavy tears of joy as they placed this record on the turntable and put the needle on it. The combination of high energy, Laser Dance sounds and Claudia Robbens’ seeet vocals was a hit. The song has become a permanent part of the canon of electronic dance music of the 1980s. The reissued release, in addition to restored and re-mastered original versions, also includes new remixes in the same genre. Prospero, A.P. Mono and Chris Van Buuren are responsible for the new versions. You simply have to have this wax.

01. Dance With Me (Dance Version)
02. Dance With Me (AP Mono Remix)
03. Dance With Me (Chris Van Buren Remix)
04. Dance With Me (Vocoder Version)
05. Dance With Me (Prospero Remix)
06. Dance With Me (AP Mono Instrumental Remix)

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