The sixth volume of Cosmic Discotheque, the compilation series that keeps exploring a broad and seminal musical genre like the disco music of the '70s. From Afro to disco funk, from space disco to Middle Eastern sound-oriented dance music. This is another batch of hidden treasures found through forgotten singles and finally brought to light and offered as perfect stuff to be played in your next party. This volume comes with a more classic disco imprint and is imbued with all that typical '70s sound including drum breaks, synths, violins, etc. Are you ready for this journey towards unexplored planets? As always, the advice is: when at the flea market, just sharpen your eyes, sometimes treasures can be very cheap. So let's dance! Featuring The Mystic Moods, Zamulo, Who's Who, Surprise Band, Petr A Pavel ORM, Dance Machine, Boro, The Yetians, Freddie Cannon, Caliente Orchestra, The Fantastic Soul Invention, and Obah.

A1. The Mystic Moods - Ride the Sky (1973)
A2. Zamulo - I Love Paris (1976)
A3. Who's Who - Hypno Dance (1979)
A4. Surprise Band - Super Woman (Instrumental) (1978)
A5. Petr A Pavel ORM - Bumerang (1978)
A6. Dance Machine - Disco Crazy (1978)
B1. Boro - Griffo (1978)
B2. The Yetians - Funk Disco Sound (1977)
B3. Freddie Cannon - Sugar (Part 2) (1977)
B4. Caliente Orchestra - Caliente (1977)
B5. The Fantastic Soul Invention - Surprise (1977)
B6. Obah - Shaba Da Ba Dam (1977)

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