Kalita Records presents the first ever 12" single of Emerson's 1988 mythical electro boogie grail Sending All My Love Out, accompanied by two remixes courtesy of the genre's most respected innovators, Egyptian Lover and Detroit In Effect. Originally privately released as an obscure 7" single on LAS Records, operated by visionary power couple Emerson and Leora Sandidge, Sending All My Love Out has since transformed into a hallowed grail among dance music collectors, enthusiasts and DJs alike, commanding sky-high prices on the second-hand scene. A late '80s electro boogie anthem, featuring a heavy mix of synthesizer and drum-machine euphoria, overlaid with Emerson and Leora's own vocals, the recording truly is in a league of its own. And to do justice to its legendary status, Kalita Records has dusted off the original multi-track master tapes and enlisted two of the electro scene's most revered figures, namely Egyptian Lover and Detroit In Effect, to remix and elevate the track in their own signature style.

01. Sending All My Love Out
02. Sending All My Love Out (Egyptian Lover Remix)
03. Sending All My Love Out (Detroit In Effect Remix)
04. Sending All My Love Out (Demo Version)

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