Sonor Music Editions presents a collection of rare and obscure recordings by the composer and trumpeter genius Cicci Santucci on cassette, all transferred and remastered by Lorenzo Fabrizi from 1980s lost reels, vinyls and tapes. All the tracks have been privately produced and recorded at Cicci Santucci's own studio between 1982 and 1987 for the TV synchronization, spots and background usage. Enjoy the Maestro's crazy cosmic synths, Italo-Disco and electronics galore, for a spacey trip into the most obscure and weird production music ever!

  • Limited edition of 200 copies only

01. Robotics
02. Happy Running
03. Breaking News
04. Newsflash
05. Prairies

01. The Days Grow Longer
02. Relay
03. Ontarium
04. Spring Dance
05. Morning

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