Author/executive producer J. Blake Fichera, the man behind the critically acclaimed Scored to Death book series about horror film music, brings collectors an exciting new compilation album. Created as a companion to Scored to Death Entertainment’s upcoming documentary, Scored to Death: The Dark Art of Scary Movie Music, the company’s debut release was originally created as a crowdfunding reward and features an all-star line-up of musical talent performing 12 unique cover versions of some of horror’s most iconic—as well as obscure—movie themes, recorded by an impressive line-up of musical talent specifically for this release. Now it is available to everyone!

The tracklist consists of new arrangements of music from the iconic horror films The Omen (1976), Phantasm (1979), The Shining (1980), The Fog (1980), and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), as well as the cult favorites Day of the Dead (1985), Puppet Master (1989), Stepfather II (1989), and Basement Jack (2009). The world of Italian horror also finds representation with ambitious interpretations of the signature themes from Deep Red (1976), Sette Note in Nero [a.k.a. The Psychic] (1979) and Cannibal Holocaust (1980). 

With proceeds from album sales going toward the completion of the above-mentioned documentary, Scored to Death: Musique d’Horreur is truly a labor of love for both Fichera and the contributing artists.

  • Limited to 500 copies
  • Pressed on mystery color vinyl
  • Proceeds go toward the completion of Scored to Death: The Dark Art of Scary Movie Music (coming in 2025)

Tracklist and Artists:
01. Main Title (Stepfather II) — Steve Moore
02. Lullaby for Damien Thorn — Wojciech Golczewski
03. Sette Note — Anima Morte
04. Main Title (Puppet Master) — Jerry Smith
05. Dracula —The Beginning — Brooke Blair & Will Blair
06. Main Title (Phantasm) — Voyag3r
07. Main Title (The Shining) — Holly Amber Church
08. Maniac Assault — Alan Howarth
09. Walk to the Lighthouse — Richard Christy
10. Profondo Rosso — J. Blake (ft. Richard Christy on Drums)
11. John Lectures/What Hell Is Like — Steve Greene
12. Cannibal Holocaust (Main Title) — The Brisco County Youth Orchestra

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