Creel Pone replica edition covering the best three of the 20-odd singles released by Les Disques ICEM-CEL; the in-house label of the Institut Coopératif De L'Ecole Moderne, following in the education models of Célestin Freinet & usually accompanying the "Art Enfantin" journals...

"Recherches Sur La Voix" (1972) surveys experimental & extended vocal techniques as implemented & carried-out by composer Jean-Louis Maudrin & his students. "Musiques Electroniques" (1973) offers four Electro-Acoustic pieces by Lionel Tasquier ("Hiroshima"), Jacky Pasquier ("Musique Du Désert"), Pascal Panizut & Sandrine Lanoux ("Larsen Et Percussion"), and Dominique Richard & Jacky Pasquier ("Embouteillage"). "Musiques Concrètes" (1974) has a side of Jean-Louis Maudrin pieces ("Voix", "Le Petit Canard", "Cithare à L'Envers", "Percussions à L'Envers", "Voix + Tube à Musique") followed by individual ones by M. Debray ("Je T'Aime") and Jacky Chassane ("L'Orage"). If the "Recherches" volume feels out of place amidst the Acousmatic renderings of the other two, consider that it is the "source material" of the Maudrin Electro-Acoustic works.

Of course the "Electronic Music by Children" dynamic has been full-well explored here (listen to the flexi-disc reproduced as part of the initial 'Creelpolation' volume) but this is an extremely great example of how far the various alternate educational/belief systems have embraced experimental & Avant-Garde music at a fundamental, introductory level.

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