In France, the CEO of a chemical company looks to cheaply dispose of their plant’s chemical waste. He and his secretary come up with the idea to dump it illegally. When the secretary contaminates a milk tanker, it causes several deaths in the town. The toxic waste, illegally dumped in a nearby graveyard, then causes the dead to rise as ravenous zombies, who seek revenge on the unscrupulous company and its employees.

Promoted as France’s first gore film, Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (La Revanche Des Mortes-Vivantes) is a consumate shocker of horror and sex that has grown into a legend as being one of the sickest and most perverse of zombie films.

  • Remastering by Julien Louvet
  • Artwork by Lucas Giorgini
  • Limited edition of 500 copies, for the first time ever on CD + exclusive liner notes from John Bender and Christian Bonneau

01. Listen
02. Terror Shout
03. Phantasia
04. Occult Voices
05. Tomb Opening
06. Death Ceremonial
07. Slow Words
08. Mystic Empire
09. Space Wind
10. Grave
11. Cemetery
12. Day Of The Dead
13. Death Sounds
14. The Dead Suite
15. Mystic Organ
16. Evil Blow
17. Odyssey
18. Doom

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