A hard-hitting and gloomy heavy rock band comprised of Pasadena youth who were selected as finalists in a nationwide artist search called "America's Answer To Black Sabbath" recorded this lost demo album in Spring of 1972. The tracks resurfaced in the mid 90s as a mysterious proto-metal record, released by pioneering reissuers Rockadelic records. Sudden Death's music is now being released broadly for the first time, and with full disclosure of the band's journey.

  • sourced from the master tape
  • made in collaboration with band members
  • big format 8 page booklet
  • hype sticker with info on a sealed LP
  • featuring proto-metal classics “The Zoo” and “The Road Back Home”

01. The Road Back Home 5:28
02. The Zoo 5:48
03. My Time Is Over 4:35
04. Come Away With Me 4:08
05. Fugit Orchard 5:13
06. Leather Woman 4:26
07. Lament 4:57
08. Crazy Ladies 4:12

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