Double vinyl reissue of Skullflower's epochal IIIrd Gatekeeper album -- the first time that this album has been available on vinyl for 30 years. In addition to the original LP this definitive and expanded edition includes extra and unreleased tracks taken from the recording sessions. For the first time all the tracks recorded by the band during this period can be heard together giving fans unprecedented access to material previously only available in the bands' archives. Recorded in London in 1991 and released in 1992 on Justin "Godflesh" Broadrick's HeadDirt label in 1992, IIIrd Gatekeeper established a worldwide reputation and following for Skullflower and convinced many who heard it that they had encountered nothing less than the best band on the planet. Arriving at the height of the "grunge" and the expansion of underground guitar "rock" into corporate America, IIIrd Gatekeeper had its roots deep in the UK noise and power-electronics scene. Guitarist Matthew Bower and bassist Anthony Di Franco were both graduates of the Broken Flag school of British noise making with their respective projects Pure, Total and JFK. IIIrd Gatekeeper was Skullflower's third album and was the first of the band's albums to feature a consistent line-up throughout its production. Includes heavy matt non-scratch laminated gatefold sleeve.

01. Can You Feel It?
02. Black Rabbit
03. Larks Tongues
04. Center Puss
05. Stars And Bars
06. Wand
07. Pelt
08. Evil Twin
09. Saturnalia
10. Vanadis
11. Godzilla
12. Spoiler

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