Those familiar with the incredible work of Nathan Johnson will not be surprised by his melody forward approach to such a dark and cynical film. Occasionally bleak but always gorgeous, the film delivers on its promise of grifters and hubris, but Nathan’s score balances the equation with a propulsive and somber and simple score. Nathan Johnson and Guillermo Del Toro made beautiful music together. It is a brilliant partnership, one that I hope continues into future productions.

Pressed on 2x 140 Gram Gold Nugget Vinyl (also available on 2x 140 Black Vinyl) and housed in a gold-foil stamped gatefold jacket, wrapped in a foil stamped belly band, and featuring a bonus track by Hoagy Carmichael (“Stardust”) not available on the digital album.

01. Man or Beast
02. Storm’s a Comin’
03. Zeena’s Spook Show
04. A Steady Job
05. The Face of God
06. Open Graves
07. Shoeflies
08. Molly’s Theme
09. Copa Spook Show
10. Stan Takes the Hook
11. Lilith’s Room
12. Molly, Are You Alright?
13. Reading Mrs. Kimball
14. The Take
15. Lie Detector
16. Time You Delivered
17. The Poison Apple
18. Grindle’s Ghost
19. Lilith’s Revenge
20. Theme from Nightmare Alley (Solo Piano)
21. Stardust Performed by Hoagy Carmichael

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