TRAUMA is the 1993 film by Dario Argento and one of two films he directed in the USA (The other being Two Evil Eyes) it stars Asia Argento and is a typically flamboyant Giallo from Argento featuring his trademark dizzying camerawork and gruesome over the top deaths. The score by Maestro Pino Donaggio (Carrie, Don’t Look Now & Body Double) who delivered a beautiful, nuanced & lush orchestral score which is absolutely outstanding.

  • Pressed on 180g red vinyl
  • Artwork by Eric Adrian Lee

01. Ruby Rain
02. Trauma
03. The House of Doom
04. Whirlwind of the Past
05. The Real Encounter
06. Revelation Run
07. A Suicide Attempt
08. Kitchen Mess
09. Empty Conversations
10. Child Curiosity
11. The White Prison
12. End of the Nightmare
13. Bloodshed Liberation
14. Killer Rain
15. Cartoonland
16. Butterflies
17. Terminal Motel
18. The Elevator Well
19. Anorexy
20. The Room of the Veils
21. First Kiss
22. The Talking Head
23. End of Trauma
24. The Loss
25. Ruby Rain
26. Trauma

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