With meticulous craftsmanship, Modified Magic's self-titled debut album presents a spellbinding journey through 14 tracks intricately intertwined with shared motifs, characters, and mysterious threads.Showcasing their eclectic blend of psychedelic rock, Giallo film-inspired mystique, and krautrock experimentation. With a unique approach to sound design and a penchant for storytelling through music. From hypnotic melodies to haunting echoes reminiscent of classic horror soundtracks, and the timeless charm of vintage vinyl records, each track offers a kaleidoscopic glimpse into the band's collective vision. "Modified Magic" will be available May 3rd on Library of the Occult records.

01. Exordium
02. Espionage
03. The Pursuit
04. Arise!
05. The Exiled & The Accused
06. Scarlet Scarab
07. The Curse Of The Inverted Pyramid
08. The Inspector
09. Retroversion
10. Silver Specter
11. Modified Magic
12. Incantation
13. The Reveal
14. Misdirection

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