Official reissue of the modern cult classic -- this time on triple LP with side-F snake etching. Focusing on slow paced bass studies and synthetic dub textures, surrounded by collaged and looped field recording environments, Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement shrouds sound over image to target the sector of brain where fear supersedes rationality -- the imagination. Ambient Black Magic moves away from the extreme saturation of the early cassettes and the industrial environmentalism of Green Graves, and defines itself simply as contemporary fear/chill-out' dub. Includes digital download code. Exclusive USA purple vinyl.

A1. Jungle Is A Shapeshifter (feat. Silent Servant) (Part One)
B1. Jungle Is A Shapeshifter (feat. Silent Servant) (Part Two)
C1. Beyond The Yellow-Spotted Bamboo (feat. Silent Servant)
D1. Praying Mantis Black Arts
E1. Chile's Crimson Tide
E2. Beyond The Yellow-Spotted Bamboo (Substance remix)
F1. (Etching)

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