Osaka based psych-rock three-piece Hibushibire return after a long break, with a new line up and a stunning third album. Produced by Acid Mothers Temple/Mainliner guru Makoto Kawabata who also guests on the album. Following the successes of their debut album Freak Out Orgasm! (2017), the follow up Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out (2019) and two very well received UK tours, the band headed home to Osaka, Japan and then, the pandemic hit. During this downtime, guitarist/vocalist Changchang decided to create a new power trio. Enter Tetsuji Toyoda (Bass/Vocals) and Aoi Hama (Drums/Vocals). The new trio have spent the last three years writing new music, playing live and honing their sound in Japan, and a short well received tour of Taiwan with Riot Season labelmates Dope Purple. And now finally, Hibushibire mark 2 is born properly. Entering the studio, the band recorded album number three, Magical Metamorphosis Third Eye. Makoto also adds some of his own trademark guitar howls throughout the album, perfectly complimenting Changchang's own growing prowess. Like the band's first two albums, Magical Metamorphosis Third Eye is very much an album of two halves. It's clear with the lineup changes, Changchang has decided to expand the band's musical pathway, and he's achieved stunning results.

A1. Orangesunshine Of Your Lovemachine (4:20)
A2. We Won't Go Back To The Past (4:06)
A3. Death Surfin USA (2:53)
A4. Tomorrow Never Ever Knows (6:46)
B1. Ayahuasca Witch Abduction (20:43)

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