The neo classical and electronic score completely pin-points the film and retains all its unsettling power as a stand-alone listen. Experimental use of vocals and Serge modular synthesizer with more traditional orchestral instrumentation, give the score its genius of restraint and cinematic tones. A real masterwork.

The horror, thriller movie, written by and starring Brea Grant (Halloween 2 (2009), The Stylist) and directed by Natasha Kermani (Imitation Girl) is available to stream now exclusively on Shudder.

Red vinyl, with insert print including liner note interview with Jeremy Zuckerman by Natasha Kermani and download card.

01. Opening 01:00
02. May Gets Ready For Bed 01:48
03. The Man 03:15
04. Upstairs Downstairs 02:25
05. Waiting 03:50
06. Shadows 04:43
07. Not Lucky 03:34
08. May Prepares 02:07
09. The Man With a Hammer 01:36
10. Just Breathe 02:52
11. Get Used to It 02:24
12. All the Men 02:02
13. We're Not Safe in There 03:10
14. Lucky 03:00

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