Behold the might of Rodan, the giant monster from the sky! In 1956, Toho unleashed their first colour kaiju picture: RODAN, directed by Ishiro Honda and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, is a terrifying tale from the creators of the original Godzilla that sees a giant Pteranodon rise from a deep underground cave after being disturbed by miners. Like the Big G, Rodan has mutated to excessive size after being exposed to nuclear radiation, subsequently soaring free above Kyushu to cause as much mayhem as possible as the JSDF do their best to protect the island from his bloodthirsty rampaging. It was inevitable that the man behind the music of Godzilla would also take on scoring RODAN, and the great Akira Ifukube created a score with a solemn edge as with Godzilla, which makes the music of RODAN fit in the larger universe while allowing it to feel unique to the character. For the main theme, Ifukube introduces a malevolent low piano and brass phrase before cointerpointing it with horns to create a howling menace worthy of Rodan. In contrast, beautiful but melancholy material represents the carnage the monster has brought upon the Earth; in a more upbeat mode, the composer includes another of his jaunty and jazzy marches for the JDSF in the guise of “Get Rodan”. It’s another Toho triumph from the great maestro Ifukube! (Charlie Brigden).

  • Artwork by Henry Abrams
  • 140 Gram Eco-Vinyl

01. Main Title
02. The First Victim
03. Tragedy in the Tunnel
04. Meganulon Appears
05. The Terror of Meganulon
06. The Meganulon Pursuit
07. Cave-In
08. Earthquake
09. Amnesia
10. Tracking Supersonic Speed
11. The Shadow Across the Sky
12. The Birth of Rodan
13. The Huge Underground Cavern
14. Rodan Emerges
15. Get Rodan
16. Rodan Flies to Sasebo
17. Rodan and the Saikai Bridge
18. Rodan Attacks Fukuoka I
19. Shockwave Fury
20. Rodan Attacks Fukuoka II
21. The Self-Defense Force Heads to Aso
22. The Great Nature of Aso
23. Ending

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