The long awaited new LP from Hunter Complex features 10 tracks of supreme synth goodness that are at the same time retro and yet totally futuristic. It’s musically rich in ideas; melodies intertwine with soaring synths and ‘80s style drum machines, but it never once feels like pastiche or a carbon copy of a bygone era. The hooks on this record are incredible; it’s mix of warm analog and bright digital synths feature a layer of complexity that most records in this genre can’t hope to achieve.

  • Retail edition pressed on blue vinyl and limited to 200 LPs
  • Comes with a full album download code

01. night city
02. the heart of high places
03. chase manhattan
04. we fought for america
05. crows zero
06. white water
07. a float for a marker
08. original vision
09. white sunlight
10. account of the moon

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