Ironmaster is a movie directed by Umberto Lenzi in 1983 and it talks about Vud’s deeds, a cruel tribal chief exiled by his own peers.

With the help of a brutal iron sword, forged in a volcanic fire he will be storming the lands imposing his rule up to the moment Ela and a group of rebels will find the way to contrast him.

The film, centered on the claim given by various Conan the Barbarian movies featured in the cast actors such as William Berger and Luigi Montefiori, the music was composed by the most tested artist duo of the period, Guido & Maurizio De Angelis.

We are in the period of electronic boom in film music world and the two musicians, prone to experimentation, forged a notable score, extremely avant-guarde , in the instrumental style which will be dominant in other soundtracks already released by Beat Records and Cabum such as Alien 2 sulla terra, 2019 dopo la caduta di New York, I predatori di Atlantide. In effects Ironmaster I guerrieri del ferro closes an aces poker dropped by the two composers which is a high quality complement for a lot of OSTs dominated by synths.

The LP is released heavyweight, 180 grams and colored (a red stain surrounded by white), graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini, mastering by Enrico De Gemini.

Lato A
01. Savana * 2:34
02. Ironmaster - seq. 2 4:43
03. Ironmaster - seq. 3 2:03
04. Ironmaster - seq. 4 3:37
05. Ironmaster - seq. 6 2:48
06. Ironmaster - seq. 7 3:04

Lato B
01. Ironmaster - seq. 10 3:18
02. Ironmaster - seq. 11 3:38
03. Ironmaster - seq. 12 2:43
04. Ironmaster - seq. 13 2:40
05. Ironmaster - seq. 14 3:34
06. Savana * 3:02

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