A great absentee from the De Angelis Brothers' discography dedicated to the legendary Piedone (Bud Spencer) after a long wait finally available thanks to the discovery of the tapes of the original recording session in the archives of the historic Roman label, CABUM.

A rich score that allows us to finally close the circle, created for the vicissitudes of the favorite of many generations of cinephiles and otherwise, assisted by the late Enzo Cannavale, Angelo Infanti, Cinzia Monreale and the very nice Bodo, the film's young mascot.

The beautiful music of the masters concentrated on the classic Piedone theme, Flat Foot Cop, revisited for this new adventure of the policeman and many other delightful sounds, including the beautiful song Sphinx performed by Sunrise which will bring memorable moments of the film to life in music, finally available on 12 inch 180 gram colored vinyl, dark green effect inside light green, mastering by Claudio Fuiano, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini and the splendid drawing by Averardo Ciriello on the cover.

  • (Marmored Pale Blue) Lp 12” 180 Gramms

Side A
01. Sphinx * 4:31
02. Flat foot cop ** Titles 2:10
03. Bigfoot of Egypt - Sequence 1 4:31
04. Bigfoot of Egypt - Sequence 3 2:44
05. Bigfoot of Egypt - Sequence 4 2:04
06. Bigfoot of Egypt - Sequence 5 5:04

Side B
01. Little Foot of Egypt - Sequence 6 2:04
02. Bigfoot of Egypt - Sequence 14 2:36
03. Bigfoot of Egypt - Sequence 16 2:19
04. Bigfoot of Egypt - Sequence 17 1:44
05. Bigfoot of Egypt - Sequence 19 3:15
06. Sphinx

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