After the CD and the 12" vinyl we close the circle of publications dedicated to this fantastic discovery of Guido & Maurizio De Angelis' music for the BANANA JOE film with an absolute gem to crown the related discography, a 7" vinyl with the iconic opening credits, sung by Olimpio Petrossi, who unfortunately recently passed away and the opening titles sung by Bud Spencer himself, in the same version already published by BMG on the Future Memorabilia album.

A Christmas gift for all lovers of Bud Spencer's cinema, set to music by the legendary Oliver Onions, which can act as a pleasant musical interlude during your private listening sessions, in rigorous vinyl played through your hi-fi, to remember warm sounds and pleasant emotions of the past chiseled by the masters for our beloved gentle giant.

The product is offered on 7-inch vinyl, colored half yellow and half green, as for the singles of the DDJ series, with a drawing by Renato Casaro on the cover.

  • Edition limited to 500 copies

Side A
Performed by Oliver Onions - Voice by Olimpio Petrossi

Side B
Performed by Oliver Onions - Vocals by Bud Spencer

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