Collection "New horrifying wave" • Volume II

The Omega Productions Records is proud to present for the first time on physical media, the music of Ghostland (2018) composed by Georges Boukoff, Anthony d'Amario and Ed Rig.

Directed ten years after Martyrs , Pascal Laugier's Ghostland is the latest frontal shock of the new French horror wave. Bringing all the awards to Gérardmer in 2018 and with more than 650,000 world entries, this new gothic nightmare and demonstrative affirms negative of the previous success of the director. Featuring a cast carried by the French pop icon Mylène Farmer, among others, Ghostland offers a radical vision of a certain cinema, but also a metaphor for the innocence and success of his dreams. A graphic tale for adults.

In perfect harmony with the dark images of Pascal Laugier, the soundtrack is the work of three composers from different worlds: Georges Boukoff, classical concertist, Anthony d'Amario and Ed Rig, young autodidactes. Oscillating between pure moments of anguish, a minimalism inherited from John Carpenter and sublime waltzes macabre, their compositions are crossed by multiple influences.

Resulting from a close collaboration between the musical team and The Omega Productions Records , this edition contains all the music composed by the trio in double vinyl 150gr, within a design designed by Grégory Lê. The gatefold pouch has a high quality matte finish.

  • Edition strictly limited to 1000 copies, matte finish

A1. A Story (03:06)
A2. Primitive Origins Suite (07:18)
A3. Inner Voices / Return of Love (02:35)
A4. Appearance / Nightfall (01:24)
A5. Lamentation (01:39)

B1. Trouble Mind / Furious Charge (01:35)
B2. Bossa for Lila (02:39)
B3. Schyzophrenia Fight (00:53)
B4. Frames of Thruth (03:30)
B5. Re-Awakenings Part I (01:26)
B6. Waltz for Alma (02:49)

C1. Hell Could Be Beautiful (07:15)
C2. Emergencies (01:54)
C3. Beyond Woods (04:14)
C4. Prelude to the Night (1:23)
C5. Fear / Hell Grows (01:13)

D1. Sadness (02:02)
D2. Re-Awakenings Part II (0:36)
D3. Agony (0:29)
D4. Fierce Conflict (02:13)
D5. Requiem of Love (03:25)
D6. Incident in a Ghostland (01:20)

Total time • 55:08

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