The 4th full-length by Elysian Heights motorcycle whisperer Nick Koenigs aka Filthy Huns reimagines the hero's journey as bastard's quest: doomed since day one, condemned to ride or die, forever revving against the long shadow of permanent midnight. Cursed At Birth is a return of sorts to the project's rusted roots, renegade reflections for cracked highways and black hills, wolves howling at cold crescent moons. Its mood fits the year: isolated and estranged, vistas of desolation and plague under darkening skies.

Recorded in the garage dust of his Echo Park machinist's shop, the album's six songs channel a headspace of fog-shrouded junkyards, grease-stained chug, ghostrider dub, and ominous engines fuming on the horizon. Music for mystic desert roads, nomads headed nowhere, ragged skull flags flapping in the final twilight.

01. Cursed At Birth
02. Renegade Lifestyle
03. Bastard's Quest
04. Descension
05. Twisted Z Bars
06. Filthy Forever

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