First time on vinyl; from original master tapes. An incredible first ever release of the legendary composer Egisto Macchi's soundtrack for Mino Guerrini's 1968 film, Gangsters '70. Created in collaboration with Walter Branchi, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, it's among the most strikingly experimental of all his soundtrack work and remains startlingly urgent more than half a century down the road. This album has it all. Psychedelic jazz, free outings, insane flow, tension, energy, melodic beauty, and a telepathic interaction

A1. Gangster I
A2. Gangster II
A3. Gangster III
A4. Gangster IV
A5. Gangster V
A6. Gangster VI
A7. Gangster VII
B1. Gangster VIII
B2. Gangster IX
B3. Gangster X
B4. Gangster XI
B5. Gangster XII

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