First time on vinyl, from original master tapes. Recorded in Florence in October 1979, Asia represents Egisto Macchi's musical journey across the East. In this work, Macchi describes the many faces of Asia through his unmistakable, electric style. In Macchi's music, Asia acquires mystical, religious, naturalist, sacred, and adventurous connotations. Acoustic instruments dominate this album; among percussion, zithers, celestas, flutes, marimbas, sansas, and violins, the listener embarks on a musical journey outside the limits of space and time.

A1. Alba Sul Mare
A2. Il Budda
A3. Ceylon
A4. La Città Sacra
A5. Raccolta Del The
B1. Luci Del Traffico
B2. Fedeli Di Budda
B3. Corsa Nella Giungla
B4. Pescatori Di Ceylon
B5. Pesca Delle Perle
B6. Luci Del Traffico II

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