Composer Richard Pike creates an evocative electronic
soundtrack for TV series ‘Australian Gangster’

Swerving between techno, Krautock and vintage synthesis, Richard Pike’s thrillingly high-octane score to Channel 7 Australia mini series ‘Australian Gangster’ gets a debut release on Spun Out Of Control. Presented as two colours of limited edition cassette plus digital download, these engagingly varied electronic tracks echo the classic soundtracks of Vangelis as well as the scores to numerous sharp-suited Michael Mann blockbusters.

Composer Richard Pike on his score for Australian Gangster:

"This is my most electronic soundtrack yet, using mainly my vintage synths, with some added dramatic strings and live drums.

Upon first talking to director/writer Gregor Jordan there was the expectation of a hip-hop undercurrent to the score, as the real life Pasquale Barbaro, the ‘gangster’ who inspired the series, dabbled as an amateur rapper. As I continued making demos however, Gregor loved my more Vangelis-inspired pieces and was excited to use them as a kind of aesthetic juxtaposition. So I proceeded to dust off my synths and focus upon a largely analog process. From there it became easy. The producer Dan Edwards and editor Adam Wills wanted to take a musical risk, on what has been promoted as quite a mainstream show in Australia; an opportunity I relished. It’s always the best outcome when directors, editors and producers give you full licence to focus on your art."

  • Limited Edition Cassette: Turquoise Tattoo variant

01. Theme From Australian Gangster 02:10
02. Slow Fire 03:12
03. Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me 01:43
04. Lost Barbaro (Stake Out) 03:37
05. Solstice Of Time Travel 03:51
06. Darkness 02:48
07. Ex-Con 01:20
08. Unraveling (In The Storage Unit) 04:17
09. Spiral 02:11
10. Paranoid / Zina 01:59
11. Pasquale Watches The 6 O'clock News 02:15
12. Nostalgia Theme 02:59
13. Kids In The Park 00:38
14. Striptease 01:40
15. Running 04:59
16. Gangster 02:20
17. Young Pasquale 01:16
18. Sydney By Night (Digital Bonus Track) 02:11
19. Harbour Views (Digital Bonus Track) 01:53

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