Moog Grooves is the first ever album from Emmy winning composer Edd Kalehoff, best known for his work on game shows such as The Price is Right, Card Sharks, Tattletales, Double Dare, and more. This release contains never before heard music composed by Edd from the 1970s, as well as extensive liner notes detailing his Moog setup of the time, custom made for him by Bob Moog. From the funky sounds of “Filthy McNasty” to the soft buildup in “Sea of Glass”, this album captures the wide range of Edd’s catalog.

01. The Furious and Fast
02. Penguin Feet
03. 5th Avenue Traffic
04. Uptown Latino
05. Momma Feed Me
06. Block Island Sunrise
07. Birdnest Blues
08. Soft Landing
09. Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker
10. Gospel Drive
11. Moboe Sweets
12. Giza Sheets
13. Gone Too Long
14. Emu Strut
15. Mouse In The House
16. Wake Up Sugar
17. Important Printout
18. Filthy McNasty
19. Light in the Loaf
20. Chardonnay All Day
21. I'm a B.G.
22. Sea of Glass
23. Mississippi Black Road

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