Released in 1988 for the little-known NEC PC-8801 gaming console, Last Armageddon is a Final Fantasy-esque post-apocalyptic game set on a world in which demons and mutants fight alien robots for dominion over the wasteland that Earth has become. The game was moderately popular in its native Japan, spawning a sequel in 1994, but never made it to the global market.

The soundtrack composed by the great Koji Hayama (who would later make his name with soundtracks for the Cho Aniki series, as well as his work on Nintendo’s Smash Brothers), is one of the finest examples of video game music from the 80’s. Particular praise should be awarded to the immediately recognizable “Battle Theme”, which has gathered millions of views on YouTube. One listen, and it’s clear why – the song combines invigorating electronic beats with earworm melodies, and with just a touch of nostalgia added in, it’s perfect for almost any situation. That’s not to say that the rest of the album is lacking in any way, with songs that range from spooky ambient (“Nighttime Movement Theme 2”) to full-on industrial dance numbers (“Spaceship Control Room”), spread across 13 tracks. Originally released on CD and cassette, P-VINE is proud to be giving Last Armageddon’s soundtrack its long-deserved release on vinyl! With an obi-strip and modern remastering, this is the best this album has ever looked or sounded!

  • Comes with Japanese obi-strip
  • Modern remastering
  • Pressed on black vinyl

01. ラスト・ハルマゲドン オープニング 組曲 (Last Armageddon Opening Suite)
02. コマンド~キャラクター~昼の移動テーマ~108の石坂 (Command / Character / Daytime Movement Theme / 108 Stone Tablets)
03. エイリアン~バスクの樹~戦闘のテーマ1部 (Alien / Basque Tree / Battle Theme Part I)
04. コールドスリープルーム~ダイアリー~CDルーム~IDカード~夜の移動のテーマ (Cold Sleep Room / Diary / CD Room / ID Card / Nighttime Movement Theme)
05. スペースシップ~コントロールルーム~司令官室のテーマ~ガルマの部屋 (Spaceship / Control Room / Commander's Room Theme / Garma's Room)
06. 魔界~サルバン (Devildom / Sarvan)
07. 戻らずの塔~鍵の部屋~氷河期~ノアの箱舟 (Tower of No Return / Room Key / Ice Age / Noah's Ark)
08. ナポレオン~ヒットラー~1999年~想像~滅亡 (Napoleon / Hitler / The Year 1999 / Imagination / Ruin)
09. モンスターフュージョン~モンスターバイブル~コマンドⅡ~昼の移動のテーマⅡ(Monster Fusion / Monster Bible / Command II / Daytime Movement Theme II)
10. 転移機のテーマ~石板製作所~石坂制作室~109個目の石板 (Transporter Theme / Stone Tablet Factory / Stone Tablet Production / The 109th Stone Tablet)
11. 夜の移動のテーマⅡ~ファンタジーランドショップ~戦士たちとの戦い~メディカルセンター (Nighttime Movement Theme II / Fantasy Land Shop / Battle with the Soldiers / Medical Center)
12. サルバンⅡ~王の城~王の城~王の部屋~コンピュータルーム (Sarvan II / King's Castle / King's Room / Computer Room)
13. 戦闘のテーマⅡ部~司令塔~愛と優しさ~ラスト・ハルマゲドン エンディング (Battle Theme Part II / Control Tower / Love and Tenderness / Last Armageddon Ending)

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