This double LP set is the absolute first release of Ennio Morricone’s lesser know bet beautiful scores from ‘60~’70s. A very cool way to introduce the amazing music of this legendary Italian composer to the younger fans. This selection of the best of the Lounge style tracks from his film music production has been a true enterprise, At the end of this very cool listening experience through four sides, the listener will have surely know and enjoyed all the colors of a musical giant.

  • Contains 22 tracks from 19 films & a lounge album composed by ENNIO MORRICONE
  • Remastered and lacquer cut at Elysian Masters
  • Newly illustrated artwork by ROBERT SAMMELIN
  • 8-page full color insert with poster archives and detailed liner notes
  • Laminated old style tip on gatefold jacket
  • Multi colored double vinyl set: Sunset Sky (orange) & Bloody Eyeball (pink)

01. Citta’ Violenta From Citta’ Violenta (1970)
02. Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? From Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? (1972)
03. L’Alibi (Shake N° 1) From L’Alibi (1969)
04. Veruschka From Veruschka Poesia Di Una Donna (1971)
05. La Moda From La Donna Invisibile (1969)
06. Intermezzino Pop From Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene (1970)
07. Ricreazione Divertita From Cuore Di Mamma (1968)?
08. Scusi Facciamo L’Amore? (From Bed To Worse) From Scusi Facciamo L’Amore? (1968)?
09. Come Maddalena From Maddalena (1971)
10. Punto E Basta (Titoli Di Testa) From Ad Ogni Costo (1967)
11. Slalom From Slalom (1965)
12. La Ragione, Il Cuore, L’Amore From Il Diavolo Nel Cervello (1972)
13. Bambole From Spasmo (1974)
14. Ruba Al Prossimo Tuo (Seq. 5) From Ruba Al Prossimo Tuo (1968)
15. Pioggia Sul Tuo Viso From Come Imparai Ad Amare Le Donne (1967)
16. Scuola Di Ballo Al Sole From Uccellacci E Uccellini (1966)
17. Gli Intoccabili (Party Music) From Gli Intoccabili (1969)
18. Alla Serenita' From La Donna Invisibile (1969)
19. Controluce From Stato Interessante (1977)
20. A Lidia From Scusi, Facciamo L’Amore? (1968)
21. Un Amico (Titoli) From Revolver (1973)
22. L'Ultimo From Ideato, Scritto E Diretto Da Ennio Morricone (1970)

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