Fearless master Action SHO! opens the compilation with thunderous Shaolin inspired action as an intro to our man at the helm, Deadly Avenger with his beastie boys inspired, dirty drums and lo-fi synths super sound taken from a forthcoming secret album. Things the take a dark turn as the mysterious THEN 66 delivers a satanic beat laden and onslaught of sick synths, as the compilation introduces us to the wonderful world of Shiro Hagen, to our intrepid Space Pilot John Lee, to the notorious killers of the Black Dragon Fighting Society with revenge on their minds, and death in their hands.


And finally you may be asking yourself "who the f*ck is Bobby Ming” and you would be right to do so, we don’t know who he is either.

01. thunderfist 03:32
02. Cos I'm gone 02:17
03. Grand royal 01:34
04. Satan Behold 01:45
05. Counte Dante Dub 02:16
06. Believe in Yourself 03:05
07. uSUPER 01:26
08. Shiro Hagen - dearth of makara 02:02
09. Gottleibs high hand 01:03
10. deadly avenger - diabolik 01:55
11. a man called Tiger! 01:42
12. death by numbers 04:08
13. chucky bearded 00:45
14. aquarius 03:28
15. scattered enemies 01:34
16.bobby ming - ming dynasty 01:34
17. sunset of our love 01:23
18. gung ho 02:13

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