First time release of this cult classic from 1984. The score was composed by Chris Burke who also scored Toxic Avenger, The Refrigerator and more. Awesome synth cues with some bonus tracks not used in the film.

  • First time release of this cult classic from 1984
  • Blood Splatter vinyl + stoughton gatefold packaging and a DL code
  • Liner notes by director and composer
  • Artwork by Earl Kess

01. Asylum
02. Title Music
03. Classroom Murder
04. Julie's Theme
05. Death on the Bleachers
06. Don't Work Late
07. He knew her, alright
08. Creature Double Feature
09. Drive In
10. Will it Make Me Feel Better
11. Stalker
12. Slasher Alternate
13. Julie's Theme Remix
14. Cynthia's Discovery
15. Julie's Theme Alternate
16. Break In
17. A Killer on Campus
18. A Watchful Eye
19. Ward Three
20. Knock Knock
21. Terrible Mistake
22. Death on the Bleachers Remix
23. Splatter Theme Remix

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