Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the The Toxic Avenger Double Bill, featuring music available for the very first time on any format!

Contained within this slab of wax are tracks from parts II and III - infamously shot back-to-back - of The Toxic Avenger movie franchise created by Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment, featuring previously unreleased Chris DeMarco music cues as well as original songs recorded by Phoebe Legere (some of which were never used and haven’t seen the light of day — until now)!

Available on toxic neon green vinyl with liner notes from composer Chris DeMarco, and adorned with original artwork and photographic stills from the Troma vault along with a booklet accommodating an in-depth Q&A session with Claire actress and musical artist Phoebe Legere!

01. Terror in the Video Store
02. English Eyes - The Toxic Avenger III Theme
03. Toxie Signs with Apocalypse
04. Toxie Meets the People
05. Thelonius
06. Phoebe Legere - Made for You
07. Flute

01. Phoebe Legere - Turn to Me
02. Evil
03. Toxie Sees the Light
04. Toxie takes the Bus
05. Facing Evil
06. God Messenger
07. Phoebe Legere - Love is Blind
08. Toxie and Claire
09. Toxie and Claire Make Love
10. The Toxic Avenger II Theme


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