In a submerged terrarium city under the sea, oxygen is scarce, societal classes differentiate the rich from the poor, and an unseen deity has totalitarian control over all. The inhabitants' soulless faces express hopelessness in an all too familiar feudal world. In this sci-fi concept album, Buio Mondo's wonderful blend of synths and driving percussion, reminiscent of Vangelis and Carpenter, tells the story of a dystopian society that would not be considered far-fetched, given the stranger than fiction state of the world we live in today.

Alfonso Carrillo
Rendezvous, LA

There was an unhealthy twin city of Neo Atlantis hidden beneath the third sea of ​​"Kp¨h" and lashed by waves of madness made of burning necro-petrol, violent crime and hand-sharpened weapons. The rich devoured the swollen flesh of the poor in long-forgotten rites of sacrifice and fertility. Corrupted technocracy, mute martial arts leaders and the strange cult of the Melting Eye led by the forgotten God "Ziu22" spread fear on the streets of Aqua-Neon, which was soon covered in the blood of resistance. There was an unhealthy twin city of Neo Atlantis that was ... underwater.

Coronel Mortimer
La muerte tenia a blog

  • Black vinyl
  • Limited edition of 200 copies
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