"Clear Off', Timothy Fife's new long player is a vast, sonic ocean of sound. Over seven atmospheric tracks, Fife opens the door to a vast universe of sound and circuital bliss. Filled with percolating synths, arpeggiated melodies, and mysterious drones that bring to mind giants of Komische Froese and Schulze, 'Clear Off' bathes you in cosmic ambient textures and heady intentions. This is Timothy Fife at his best; conjuring the cosmic into chromed-out sound. Turning what came before into something singular and new. - J Hubner

  • Limited Edition Of 200 Copies On Standard Black Vinyl
  • Comes In A Screenprinted Jacket

01. Youth In Babylon
02. Clear Off
03. 20 Seconds After Clear Off
04. The Air That You Breathe
05. The Thing That you've Done
06. The Life That You've Had
07. All Clear

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